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The TSL4 is sponsored by TwitchTV and Razer.

TwitchTV is the world’s largest video game entertainment and chat community. TwitchTV features the top gaming personalities, players, tournaments and commentary, in addition to the most active and interesting discussions around video games. TwitchTV provides publishers and advertisers a platform to create long term engagement and commitment from gamers.

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Razer has been a pioneering supporter of e-Sports since its conception. It is in our blood and we are driven to further the culture of professional gaming in all that we do. We work hand in hand with our pros to forge weaponry for the players who stake their livelihood on podium placements. Our gear is designed to perform flawlessly in high-stress tournament conditions where winning is everything and mistakes cost championships. Those who compete with our equipment will attest – We live by our words: For Gamers. By Gamers.

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The TSL+ Experience

TSL+ is a one time purchase for the TeamLiquid Starleague 4 tournament, giving you access to the premium TSL experience.

For $10, purchasers can sign up to receive:

  • 1080p quality stream
  • Free TSL4 Poster (shipping not included)
  • Private subscriber-only stream chat
  • No system ads (TSL4 sponsor ads will show)
  • 5% off all purchases in the TeamLiquid Store
  • Entry into TSL4 prize raffles including shirts and Razer gear
  • Entry into the main TSL4 raffle for a trip to a StarCraft live event (MLG, IPL, DreamHack, etc)



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