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Broadcast Schedule

The TSL4 broadcast schedule is outlined below. To view the stream once the event is live, please tune in to TeamLiquidTV.

The TSL+ Experience

TSL+ is a one time purchase for the TeamLiquid Starleague 4 tournament, giving you access to the premium TSL experience.

For $10, purchasers can sign up to receive:

  • 1080p quality stream
  • Free TSL4 Poster (shipping not included)
  • Private subscriber-only stream chat
  • No system ads (TSL4 sponsor ads will show)
  • 5% off all purchases in the TeamLiquid Store
  • Entry into TSL4 prize raffles including shirts and Razer gear
  • Entry into the main TSL4 raffle for a trip to a StarCraft live event (MLG, IPL, DreamHack, etc)



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